We are creative and strategic thinkers, spearheading the rewiring of the way of innovating. Our mission is to empower innovators to venture into new frontiers, where ideas becomes a valuable asset. We not only help brands connect with our community and design captivating experiences but also focus on sustainable change. By leveraging the power of connectivity and technology, we enable innovators to unlock new opportunities and establish mutually beneficial relationships that drive growth and innovation.

The Lab focuses on R&D for the nickel commodity, with the goal of creating new products/services, partnerships, higher sales/revenues, and a more efficient supply chain. The Lab will partner with academic institutes and leading companies for joint projects, technology licensing, and other partnering ventures. The Lab will focus on the following areas when partnering with academic institutes around the world:

Focus Areas

  • Research and Development: This could include funding for research projects, access to specialized equipment and expertise, and partnerships with universities or other research institutions.
  • Incubation and Acceleration: The Lab will provide incubation and acceleration services for start-ups and entrepreneurs working on nickel-based products, like mentorship, funding and a host of business support services.
  • Intellectual Property Management: It will support patent applications, licensing agreements and legal support for protecting and commercializing innovative products.
  • Product Testing and Validation: The Lab will enhance testing for quality, safety, environmental impact, certification, and compliance with industry standards.
  • Industry Partnerships: The Innovation Lab will partner with industry players, such as manufacturers or distributors, to bring new nickel-based products to market, collaborating on product design and development.
  • Education and Training: The Lab will provide education and training programs for researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, like workshops, seminars, and certification programs to help build knowledge and skills in this area.

  • The Innovation Lab identifies potential research and development projects related to nickel that could benefit.
  • The Innovation Lab pitches these projects to the Nikel Token Community, highlighting their potential benefits and the potential return on investment.
  • The Nikel Token Community decides which projects to invest in, relying on the information provided by the Innovation Lab.
  • The Innovation Lab manages the funding provided by the Nikel Token Community, ensuring that it is distributed to research and development projects as needed.
  • Researchers and developers use the funding to develop new products and technologies related to nickel.
  • Manufacturers and service providers access the new intellectual property and patents developed by researchers and developers to create new products and services.
  • The Innovation Lab supports these manufacturers and service providers, helping them to bring their new products and services to market.
  • As new products and services emerge, the Innovation Lab helps to create partnerships between different stakeholders in the ecosystem, including manufacturers, service providers, and investors.
Our Way of Working
The Nikel Token Community connects the Innovation Lab to worldwide tech hubs and Projects using highly secure Web3 and Blockchain technology

Located in the prestigious Malaga Tech Park in Spain, our operational headquarters are immersed in a thriving ecosystem of forward-thinking enterprises, leading in groundbreaking Research and Development, AI, and Metaverse technology. This strategic partnership grants us immediate access to an established infrastructure and a flourishing ecosystem, positioning us as an integral part of this thriving technological landscape.


An essential component of our business strategy revolves around establishing a comprehensive system that interconnects diverse stakeholders across various domains, encompassing a wide range of skills, expertise, and geographical locations.

This network provides invaluable access to a multitude of resources, including:

  • Laboratories, research institutions, accomplished scientists,
  • Technical hubs and renowned universities,
  • Financial institutions and investment funds,
  • Licensing and patent agencies,
  • Technical products and teams,
  • Government agencies and legal and compliance authorities,
  • Innovators and seasoned management professionals.
  • Our strategic hubs serve as efficient channels for networking, relationship-building, and partnership management. Connected to our central headquarters, the Innovation Lab, these hubs foster a vibrant global community. Swift deployment and access to a comprehensive toolkit enable seamless collaboration, driving accelerated growth, innovation, and synergistic partnerships. These hubs break down barriers and have a significant global impact and help build knowledge and skills in this area.